wiiw Databases Central, East and Southeast Europe

For more than forty years wiiw has been a leading source of timely, reliable and unbiased analysis of the economies of Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE). As a backbone for our own research we maintain and regularly update the wiiw Annual, Monthly and FDI Databases. Access to these databases is only granted to wiiw members. For more information about wiiw membership, please click here.

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wiiw Annual Database

A broad range of key macroeconomic and structural indicators for 23 CESEE countries are compiled on an annual basis. There are regular updates in the course of the year as soon as the original statistical sources become available. The database provides a comprehensive and comparable overview on structural indicators in both cross-country and thematic perspective. Most of the time series start in 1989, for some countries even back in the 1960s.


wiiw Monthly Database

The monthly data on important leading economic indicators for 23 CESEE countries are more timely and allow an analysis over different time ranges. They facilitate the discovery of recent trends and business cycles. Time series usually start in 1990/91 and are continuously revised and updated in the course of the year.


wiiw FDI Database

Contains time series on FDI inflows and outflows, inward and outward stocks by component, by partner country and by activity for 23 CESEE countries. This data allows to generate country- and industry-specific FDI profiles. The time series are updated twice a year and start from 1990 onwards as far as the data are available.


CESEE Visual Data Explorer

The CESEE Visual Data Explorer is updated daily based on the wiiw Annual Database and wiiw FDI Database. This tool offers interactive visualisations of the most recent data. For membership conditions please click here.


wiiw Industrial Database (archive)

This dataset contains detailed industry data of 13 CESEE countries for the period 1989 - 2008. The indicators focus on production, employment, wages, productivity, unit labour costs and foreign trade. The database allows for historical analysis of specialisation patterns and for a comparison of detailed industry indicators across countries and individual industrial sectors over time.
The data are no longer being updated.